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Ahh, the great outdoors just got a little greater with the impeccable services of Exterior Remodeling Contractor. Curb appeal is an essential attribute for the value of any home, plus it’s fun to turn your home into something your neighbors can be jealous of. Whether your home needs a facelift or it’s time to improve energy efficiency, we have solutions that make a difference.

Exterior remodeling isn’t just about the way your house looks. Improving your home is all about choosing the right products and installing them correctly so they stand the test of time. Even if your home looks great, the work must be done well in order to make your investment worth it for the long haul.

Transforming Your Homes Exterior Seamlessly, on Budget, and on Schedule

We offer a wide variety of interior and exterior remodeling services that improve your home and turn it into the home of your dreams.

Many exterior improvements to your home will improve its energy efficiency and save you money each month. New windows and doors decrease pressure on your HVAC system and ensure that your furnace and air conditioner will last longer. Maintaining your gutters keeps your home from water damage—new siding and roofing help insulate your home and keep the temperature comfortable.

Each of these valuable remodeling investments works to save you money in the long run and cut back on your utility bills each month. Here at Front Street Builders, we are happy to help you choose the perfect products to get the look and function you want from the exterior of your home.

Our Exterior Services Include:

  • Exterior Remodeling
  • Energy Efficient HVAC Systems
  • New Window
  • New Doors
  • Insulation
  • New Gutters
  • Siding & Roofing

We have the expertise necessary to offer you expert advice about what is best for your home and budget. At Front Street Builders, we pride ourselves on completing many of our projects ahead of schedule.


A home’s exterior renovation is the first impression for guests. When the house gets old, an outer glimpse of your house is to be enjoyed by everyone. It is the first appearance of your house that can either maximize its curb appeal or degrade its value. Hence, your house’s exterior or surrounding appearance needs to be transformed from time to time to maintain the value and beauty of the property. The exterior house remodeling by Front Street Builders, one of the best exterior remodeling companies, demonstrates how house can go from ordinary to extraordinary. Our team of designers have excellent experience working on new additions, and creative architectural changes to transform an unimpressive façade into a spectacular one.


An excellent exterior renovation by experienced exterior remodeling contractors is not just admired by outsiders or guests but also encourages you to spend more hours outdoors. Any good exterior renovation includes proper planning and research as it is a significant renovation of your house. So, it is better to leave it in the hands of professional exterior remodeling companies instead of trying to do it yourself. For the best results, check the customer’s reviews and decide for yourself the best fit for you.

As a part of your home’s exterior renovation, Front Street Builders offers you a comprehensive range of home additions remodeling like outer wall extension, removal & rearranging of walls, and creating extra space where possible. All plans and designs are a comprehensive model of your home needs.


A well-thought exterior addition remodeling instantly adds more curb appeal to your house and your day-to-day pleasure when you get back home from work. No matter whether your house is modern or traditional. Here are the following ways that we broadly follow:

1. Change The Exterior Cladding of Your House

It is often not possible to change the complete makeover of your house. Soemtimes it is only possible to change the upward and outer cladding to bring pleasing balance and replace the poorly designed extensions by the previous owner. It is the best way to transform your house and replace a flat roof without completely demolishing a building.

2. Change Cladding Render & Paint

There may be several reasons you want to change the cladding, render & paint of your house. One may be that the house is very old, and cladding, pebbledash, and other external materials are unsuitable. Cladding over pebbledash is often challenging and harsh and, for that reason, is easy to maintain. But they turn harsher with time. So, it is better to choose masonry repainting a neutral shade like white to unify different materials. It is a better option to hide the damaged brickworks.

3. Fixing Stone Tiles

They are ideal if you want to give your house a more traditional home addition remodeling. In fact, it is a cost-effective and lightweight alternative for a building with natural stone.

4. Brick Slip

Brick slips are pretty like stone tiles. They are solid 2-2.5 cm deep tiles made from clay. They are standard clay bricks used to clad panels and interlocked pre-fabricated boards.


5. Updating Front Door

If you live in a place where homes are very unformed, then it is a great way to try colors that can match your front door as possible as all the homes around yours. Many modern doors look traditional, so if you want to give your exterior door a traditional touch, you don’t need to go far, as we have a wide array of styles to restore your house exterior to its former glory.


  • You get an entirely different look at your house
  • The newly renovated home becomes more energy efficient than before
  • Need low-maintenance due to the usage of more and more low-maintenance materials
  • Increase the reselling value of your house for many years to come
  • A home gets more secure and less prone to break-ins after the outer window, door, and entryways are updated
  • Improve the home’s functionality and makes the entry and exit of the people easier


Front Street Builders is a one of the leading one-stop exterior remodeling companies for all exterior design solutions. Our exterior remodeling contractors are highly skilled and efficient craftsmen in building from basic to advanced levels. So far, we have successfully handled hundreds of projects and are now looking to provide you with consistently stunning work based on your vision and our unique ideas and personal customer service.

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