Steve Hirsch 

I was always a curious, creative, and energetic kid, so my father would direct my energy toward things that needed repairs and ask me to fix them, plumbing, lawnmower, a broken gate. These would usually come with a little vague instruction and a hand-me-down set of tools to work with. Sometimes there was no instruction, and I had to figure it out for myself.

College was not an initial success for me. After a couple of years, I packed up my car and headed West. I needed work, and I gravitated toward construction. It was California, and there was plenty of construction work. I picked up a hammer and fell in love: the hard work, the satisfaction of building something with my hands, the creative process. I just fell in love with it. Over the last 35 years, I have earned my living as a carpenter in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Chico, San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon. I have had the pleasure of learning from some fantastic carpenters and teachers.

I moved to San Francisco in the nineties and had the pleasure of learning to remodel and re-build beautiful old Victorian homes. Much to my surprise, one of the homes we remodeled won a ‘remodel of the year’ award. An award?? I had no idea there were awards to be won in the construction business! San Francisco construction is unique in its challenges and rewards, and I loved being there and building there.

When my wife and I fled the big city for a quieter life in Portland, I looked to work for an ‘award-winning’ construction company. I found a fantastic crew at Metke Remodeling in Lake Oswego. Their customer service and attention to detail were unrivaled. The projects were gorgeous and unique. The carpenters were some of the best carpenters I had ever worked with, and I learned a lot about ‘finish’ or ‘trim’ carpentry. All of this fueled my desire to create a company of my own where that kind of work could be done.

My passion is using my knowledge and creativity to help people achieve a vision of how they would like to live. We tailor houses to create living spaces that bring joy and allow folks to relax, live, and enjoy being at home after their busy Bay Area lives.

I have assembled a team of carpenters and subcontractors with the skills needed to produce high-quality finishes while working closely with clients, architects, and designers. I only work with people I can trust. When there is so much at stake, I need to be confident in my team to look out for our client’s best interests while creatively executing their craft day in and day out.

Exterior Home Repair Contractors

“I would like each client to know that our goal is to give them the feeling that when they’re in their home, they are in their very own sanctuary,” Steve said. “It’s just the way they want it, and they’re happy to be at home; we go beyond to exceed their expectations.”

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