This was part of an estate in the late 1800’s and early turn of the century. This house was literally the gardener’s cottage. And in the house is a certificate from the New York World’s Fair in which the gardens of this home were recognized. The house was up for sale and was purchased by a developer who intended to build a giant home and capitalize on the neighborhood and location. The couple living next door was horrified and bought it from the developer and invested a large sum of money to restore these buildings into truly beautiful little cottages with gardens and outdoor spaces. P.S. we only built the fences!!

Sometimes we get offered projects that are too cool to pass up. As carpenters we love to work with wood, and we love to be outside. When Sarah Small, landscape architect, asked us if we would be willing to build a fence, we were skeptical. Until we saw the design! Oh yeah, we would love to build this fence! The gates were built by a local cabinetmaker and because it happened to rain most of the time we set up shop under two large pop up canopies and loved every minute.

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