We’re Here to Deliver the Homeowners Goals and Objectives 

We listen to our clients! We understand their unique hopes, dreams, and desires. And we are driven with a laser-sharp focus on bringing their vision to reality. Many design/build firms push a one-size-fits-all design agenda onto homeowners. Other times, builders focus on their portfolio, trying to develop projects to make the most profit instead of genuinely listening and interpreting the client’s needs.

Our approach is to talk about the budget – early and often. We want our clients to pursue a tangible and attainable goal and not waste time and money on a project that is entirely outside their comfort level. We provide our clients with a realistic ballpark estimate range as early as the initial in-home consultation. Many builders will stop at this step and initiate projects based on a ballpark guestimate and inevitably will go over budget and the allotted time frame due to inadequate planning. Most builders only know how to advise on labor.

The Critical Step to Ensure Success 

If the client is comfortable moving forward with the estimated budget range, we provide a Feasibility Document. Our strategy outline drills down into the details of the entire build-out. There is a small fee to cover our time for this step, but it’s well worth it. It itemizes each detail and product spec as well as allows our clients to make budget-conscious choices on each item, so there are no surprises or unnecessary delays. Each client receives a working budget based on their exact floor plan, remodel scope, fixture selection, and material choices. Our approach educates clients on the total cost of building, including land improvements when needed, city fees, design and engineering expenses, materials, and labor. In short, we equip homeowners with a complete, comprehensive understanding of their project. By working out all the financial moving parts in the beginning, they are empowered and confident throughout the entire process. Knowledge is power! 

This crucial step sets us apart from other firms because we don’t consider a set of plans “complete” until all the necessary information is accounted for. We create strategies that encompass every design detail, from the wall tile elevations down to every decorative accent and strategic placements for every bathroom accessory. We believe in order for the build process to go as smoothly as possible for our homeowners, the details are what create the extraordinary. 

Call for a Consultation 

When you are ready to design the kitchen, bath, exterior or room addition you’ve always dreamed of, call us to learn more about the advantages of our remodeling services.